Thursday, July 30, 2009

Goodbye rent... hello mortgage!!

it all started ...
when rates went down and our rent went up... hmmmmm
pay the same for a house and have our money actually going somewhere,
or pay rent and have it go nowhere!!! Tough choice...
we decided to look for a house!!!
Is there something wrong with our economy when the cheapest choice is to build a new house??
I'm ok with it!
...and that's how it all started!!

we have a cute corner lot.. not very big, but just perfect for us!

here's when they finally dug the hole! We were so excited!

...and poured the foundation...
...and finally put up the house!! It's a one-level small little home, but like I said before- perfect! It's a 3 bed/2 bath and the neighborhood is so nice and young! (compared to our neighborhood now) We'll be moving in around mid-September!! I'll keep some pics posted!

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  1. YAHOOOO!!! can't wait for you guys. congrats. that's big. and that's also a giant step towards parenthood. get started woman!! :)