Monday, November 2, 2009

Blood and Stuff!

Today I passed off my blood draws for school!

I've been practicing on fellow students at school for a few weeks now, and today I went to the Davis Hospital for the pass off.

I had to do 10 sucessful draws.. it was fun. I had a girl's arm start squirting blood into the air while I was drawing, kinda wierd, but other than that it all went pretty good and now I'm done!

So if anyone randomley wants their blood drawn, let me know... I'm certified:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


here's some of the highlights from our Halloween this year:

carving pumpkins

check out our awesome pirate costumes!

Happy Birthday, Birthday, Birthday, Birthday!!!

October is the month of Birthdays in the Hillstrom house! All 3 of my sisters were born in October, and when Brad joined the family.. he naturally fell in the group on the same day as Elise! Happy Birthday you four! Love you all!
(12th) FOURTEEN!
Musical talent flows from your fingers!
Individual in who you are.
Camille-wanna-be! :)
Happy and hilarious!
Adolecent, whiney, ornery, growing, Teenager!
Example of the best to everyone around you.
Loves to smash everyone in sports
Loud, but also Lovable!!
Always love you!

(20th) NINE!
Harry Potter die-hard fan!
Adorable in how innocent and cute you are!
Never gets to do the picking.. always takes it.
Nicest girl ever, never mean to anyone
A good sport in everything
Hard not to love!

(28th) ELEVEN!
Everyone enjoys being around you
Loves to play games of any kind
I love your wierdness! You're one of a kind
Singing in the shower or on the toilet is your specialty!!
Easy to love!

(28th) GOLDEN!
Best example and best friend!
Righteous and honorable in everything
Always treats me like a queen
Doesn't eat as much as I do!
Friendly to everyone, and fun to be around
Over and beyond in school, work, & home.
Ready and prepared for everything.
Dang don darn don gosh LOVE YOU FOREVER!:)

2 Random bits about me..

1. I hate having my toenails painted.

I don't know if I'm just not used to it or what, but I see other girl's cute toenails, and decide to try it, and this is about as far as I get before I decide to take it off!
and in the rare event when the polish stays on.. I hate it every day until the paint starts peeling off, then it's ok! am I just wierd?

2. I make A"ward" winning pies.

We had a pie contest in our ward, and guess who won "best pie overall".. me! Wierd huh! who'da thunk that I could bake?! Here's the beauty right here.. it's called Possum Pie! Mmmmmm:)

We Moved!

At the beginning of October we finally moved into our new house!
It's so fun! here's a few pics.

I LOVE my BIG kitchen! oh what counter space can do...

He's the BEST!

My husband is the best! I was driving home from work one night talking to Brad on the phone and told him I was going to stop by the store and get some stuff for dinner.. he casually told me to just come home and we would figure something else out. I came home to this! He had cooked up some macaroni & cheese and some chicken nuggets.. with candles on the side! It was so dang cute! He was so proud, and we had a nice romantic dinner in the living room! I love my husband!

A little overdue

So obviously I have been slacking on our blog.. here's a little catch up!

Labor Day weekend we went camping up in the Uintahs with some friends!
It was FREEZING!!! but soo beautiful!

Here's some sexy shots of my hubby:
I snapped this one morning when his hair was just so irresistable! I couldn't stop laughing!

..and here he is wearing my hoodie becuase his got wet! Funny funny! My skinny little husband! I love you!
Here's Brad's first fish...
ain't he a looker?...(Brad too!)
MY FiRsT FisH!! I've never been real fishing before.. The first few days I wasn't so convinced- we fished for a few hours both days and caught nothing! The last day we decided to try a different lake and caught tons! I liked fishing a lot better after that! guess you just have to know where the fish like to live! I was so excited!
Hanging out with our friends the Barkers!