Thursday, July 30, 2009


Our summer trip this year was to Southern California! Our plans: the beach.

I found my new favorite restaurant: Macianos! PASTA PASTA PASTA!!! and lots of it! They serve huge portions.. the waiter said he would give us free dessert if Brad finished his lasagna.. almost made it, but unfortunately Brad has good self-control (unlike myself) and decided it wasn't worth getting sick over. (WARNING: food in pictures are larger than they appear!)
We went to the WILD ANIMAL PARK! can't you see how excited we are?! (ps. if anyone is planning on going... it's pretty much just like the zoo, but in bigger spaces which = more walking!)
A highlight of the trip was Brad's cousin Darbie's wedding! It was fun to meet more family!

visiting the San Diego Temple! it was beautiful!!

Ok, you probably can't tell what this picture is, but it's quite a funny story (at least I think it's funny..) so Brad and I were at the pool one day, and noticed a line of ants around the edge of the pool... marching in perfectly straight lines and cruising like there's no tomorrow! If anyone has ever seen Disney's Bug's Life, you'll remember the part where the ants are marching and a leaf falls in the line and the ants are stopped in their tracks, not knowing where to go... same story here. We would splash water right through the middle of the line and watch and laugh at the ant "traffic jam"! It was hilarious!
(yes we are children!)
We ate dinner pretty much every night with family,but one night Brad and I wanted to have a nice "romantic" dinner together. We had seen a restaurant on the end of a pier (above) and decided to go there thinking that would be romantic with the sun setting and all... actually not! Along the whole pier were fishermen fishing! The hand rail was covered in worm guts and hooks and the whole place reeked of fish! So we just stayed inside the restaurant and ate our food and decided we would save sunset watching for the beach!

Brad and his brother Eric at the beach!

who's that hottie? oh wait... it's my husband:)

We had a fun time at the beach trying to boogie board on cheap boogie boards we bought at a Kmart (note: they don't work very well unless you get the really expensive kind....figures!) So we just played in the sand and the waves!

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