Friday, May 20, 2011

A story about a duck

Once upon a time, a momma duck was about to lay her eggs. She found a perfect spot in the Schultz's neighbor's flower bed, and there laid 8 eggs. Perfect, she thought. The wild animals will never find me here. Little did she know that wild humans roamed the area. They looked at her all day, every day giving her little to no privacy. They even shooed her away sometimes so they could mess with the black stick next to her nest (sprinklers). Momma duck was so scared of the humans, but she was so brave and never left her nest.. EVER!! Not even to eat. Sometimes if they got to close, she would growl at them. The humans felt bad for her, and tried to throw her some bread to eat, but she boldly refused! Momma duck didn't like the humans at all, and planned to vacate her nest as soon as her babies were born. And after approximately 28 days...she did. Without the friendly Schultz family getting to see her babies.... :(    

The End!

A wittle west and wewaxation

Cancun, Mexico! Another vacation come and gone! (why does that always happen so fast?!) We saw the Myan ruins at Chichen Itza below. It's amazing what they were able to build hundreds of years ago. I was so glad Brad could speak spanish on this trip! Our whole 2hr bus ride to the ruins was almost all in spanish, so I was glad Brad could translate some of it for me! The beach was amazing... best beach I've ever been to. I would compare the sand to flour, it was so soft! We're sad it's over already, but it was a great way to kick off our summer!

The pyramid dates back to about 1200 AD

My first time seeing a live, wild iguana!