Thursday, March 22, 2012

To pick up where I left off...

Last September... we went to Sydney, Australia!! Longest flight of my life! My butt still hurts sometimes from sitting for so long! It was such a fun trip though- so fun to go to another country! I couldn't post them all, but here are some pics from the trip..

 The famous Sydney opera house and bridge. We tried to go on a run every day and they had such amazing trails and scenery right next to the ocean!

 Dinner overlooking the Sydney harbor

 scary sharks!

 Cute little colorful parrots! They would lick the salt off your hands and fingers!

 Lazy little kangaroo!

 This is the biggest alligator in captivity. He was a mean guy! They told us they've tried to find him a girlfriend a couple times, but he's just killed them every time- big bully!

 Big chess set in the middle of the city- might I just add that I beat Brad!

 The trees everywhere were so HUGE and beautiful! This branch sticks out from the tree in the background!

 Probably my favorite picture from the whole trip!
'He's sexy and he knows it!'

 They had these hugely disgusting bats in the park! They were killing all the trees- so gross!

 It was just turning spring when we went- so beautiful!

 These birds were also everywhere in the parks and city.
We tried to feed them once (in the movie below)- it turned out to be a little crazy! They would fly straight at your head!

 Whale watching!!! Probably the funnest and also the worst experience of the trip! Being pregnant (yes I'm prego, but that's for the next post!) I was super sick on this trip. The waves were especially wavy on our outing and made me soooo sick! I alternated watching the whales on one side of the boat to running to the other to puke! Whales-awesome, puking- not so much! But it was so worth it!

 Can you see his eye!?!

 Rugby game!

 Fun down unda!

Here are some more pics from the rest of our year:

 bowling with the fam

 Hiking in Zions!

 My sweetheart turned the big 30! He's still a kid tho.

 Our amazing hick/white trash Halloween costumes!

 My friend Bekah came home from her mission!

 Christmas day! Pineview Dam was frozen over so after church the boys insisted on going out to throw rocks on it!

 My bro Jacob came home from his mission to Panama!

This was the big surprise when he got home!! He's going to be an uncle.. which means,
(I'm writing this on March 22, 2012 which is one day after her due date, and she still isn't here. Apparently she's due March 21st, apparently she's a girl, and apparently I'm awful at updating my blog! But I'll update all about her in my next post- it'll probably be when she turns two!)