Sunday, December 26, 2010

In short..

Happy Halloween

Happy Thanksgiving

Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year!!
first time trying Indian food!

Friday, August 27, 2010

We are alive!!!

Just busy.. not much time for getting on the computer. I've heard that pictures say a thousand words, so here's a thousand pictures (and 5hrs worth of blogging) to tell the past happenings of our life:
our adorable twin baby nephews were born just before thanksgiving!

James and William
thanksgiving dinner with the Schultz family! yum!
I graduated in December and started working at a Dr's office in Taylorsville!

 a little late, but Merry Christmas to everyone!!
February started our winter torture of the Winter Racing Circuit!
your butt starts to cramp at the end of 18 miles!
i can't believe i'm posting this, but i thought it was kind of funny. i sweat like a man when i run..
yes that is a sweaty, salt mustache!
Brad and I got called to teach sunbeams! they are so cute
(don't they look like Joseph of Egypt and his brothers??)
April FOOLS! here's just one of the many jokes i played on brad this blessed holiday
.. can you see it?
i am blessed with such resources through my work and they provided a great opportunity to gross out Brad. and believe me, he was grossed out! he wouldn't even touch them to take them out of the fridge.. i ended up having to do it!
June 11th- Happy 2 years to my honey and me! i love you!
we signed up for the Ragnar Relay this year!
 i was the only provider of estrogen in our van, lots of testosterone to keep up with over 188 miles!
here's the whole team at the finish line!
our big trip this year was HAWAII.. "the land where palm trees sway"
3 words: it was amazing.
i know this looks like a cancerous tumor, but i assure you it isn't. i thought i could stand to get a little hawaiian sun, but wanted to protect my moles from the damaging rays, and this was the result.. sunscreen apparently works when applied! (so does aloe vera with lidocaine- it's amazing!)
a bit windy
this was at the polynesian cultural center. Brad was dying to play the drums..

this was one of the biggest highlights.. seeing sea turtles right on the beach!
did i mention they were HUGE... and that we touched them?!
pearl harbor
so, once you get grass put in and bulbs planted you're done taking care of your yard right?
NOT.. now you have to keep it all alive. we've been learning a lot this summer. the flowers you see below were once real, thriving, beautiful flowers.. they just no longer exist. DIE to the grasshoppers, sun, and non-working sprinklers.. whichever of you killed my flowers!
happy 4th of July.. my favorite holiday!
i had a birthday, and turned 22
my dad and hannah.. the makers of the cake. (i'll just tell you what is is and save you the trouble of figuring it out) it's supposed to be the hawaiian islands. my dad prides himself in making the most ridiculous looking cakes of something that applies to the birthday person. they were awesome when i was little.. now, we just laugh!
happy 1 year to my brother on his mission- he's doing awesome! sorry the picture is blurry, but it did come all the way from panama!
another trip was to San Francisco
bowling.. like father, like son
showing off my mad bowling skills!
don't let this picture deceive you, we are watching the movie!
.. i might or might not have shed a tear or two in toy story 3, but thanks to these cool 3-D glasses, no one will ever know!
these are my besties (minus a few).. good luck to Bekah on her mission!
i caught Sasquatch (aka. Maddi) digging in the garbage!!
i decided to make home-made pop tarts! the first batch didn't turn out so well :)
one of my favorite things ever.. DEMOLITION DERBYS!!!!!
(that's my winning car!)
So that's our life the past almost year!