Monday, June 1, 2009

Haleiluiahj!!?!!! Halelujah!!!

We're Engaged!! Finally! I had guessed it was coming around Christmas time, but Brad kept a good secret. I had no idea he had the ring, and that he had talked to my parents! So here's the story: Christmas morning, Brad came up to my parents house and opened presents with us. Afterwards, he casually told me he had another present for me, and it was hanging on the tree.. he told me to look and find 2 ornaments he had hidden. I looked and looked and finally found a girl frog (see below). I didn't even notice she was wearing a bridal veil! :P Then I found the boy frog (see below) and he had my ring tied behind his back! My mouth dropped open and I turned back around to see Brad on his knees! It was so cute and we got it all on film!

Here's some of our engagement pictures! Sorry there's so many, I only put in a few of my favorites, but there are just so many! Our photographer did such an awesome job!

Willard Bay at sunset!

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