Monday, May 25, 2009

Utah State!

Brad gradutated from USU with his Master's in Accounting! Never getting anything but an A! Way to go Brad! You amaze me at how well you do in everything!

Winners!! Celebrating our victory! (and still kissing haha) Ha look at the other couple with their heads down.. classic picture!

Here's a picture of the final event- jousting! You had to stand on a wooden board with your partner and joust with these life guard float things to try and push the other couple off! It was best of 3 and we killed them.. pushed them right off!! They didn't stand a chance against the best couple in the world!!
Here's a good picture- it kindof shows the whole atmosphere! They had the whole area roped off for the competitors, referees watching to see if anyone broke apart and to make sure we completed the events, and notice the other couple in the background showing how you had to keep kissing while others were doing the events! haha it was so fun! This picture doesn't show it, but there was also a huge crowd of people gathered around to watch!

Running through tubes! (I was so scared he was going to fall, but Brad did it perfectly!)
Jump roping!

Doing sit-ups!

So this was one of the big highlights of Utah State for us.. The Aggie Kissing Decathalon!! We signed up for it the day of just for something fun to do. The game consisted of 10 different "events" that each couple had to do WHILE KISSING the WHOLE time! If your lips broke apart-even between events- you were disqualified from that event. You would get so many points for each event depending on how hard it was! Different events were: sit-ups, push-ups, running, jump-roping, 3-legged race, basketball shooting, football throwing, (a couple others I can't remember) and the final event- jousting! The funny thing is.. WE WON! We didn't break apart the whole time! Brad was so strong! He had to do all the carrying, lifting and throwing while my job was to make sure we held our heads together! (not too hard!) We won free ski passes to Beaver mountain, giftcertificates to eat, and some movie tickets! It was so funny and fun! Our lips were burning afterwards, (like that stopped us from kissing) and I had a little bit of a burn on my face from Brad's whiskers, but we had the funnest time, and hey free stuff!

I thought this was such a funny picture! I have never been drawn before so Brad and I had a cartoonist draw us when we were down at peach days in Brigham City! Brad hates the way his chin is so stretched out, and my mouth is so huge!! I know a cartoon exaggerates, but geeze!! :)

Aggie football games! Sadly not very exciting.. but still fun to go to! Here we are with some of our friends, Bekah, Raquel, and Brian!
My roommate Bekah and I cleaning all of our flip-flops in the sink! We are both flip-flop fanatics and we wear them ALL the time!

Lucky me having a man who works in the Accounting department! We got to go up to the 9th floor of the Business building!
We were superheroes for Halloween! We won a prize for our costumes!

All dressed up for a business dinner!


  1. Yay!! I love you! And it was so fun seeing you too yesterday! You guys are so cute! Next time we are in Bountiful we will have to do something!

  2. YAY! I'm so happy you guys have a blog!!!! It is so dang cute!! They didn't have that Aggie Kissing thing when I was there, I wish they would have!! You guys would've had some steep competition!! :)

    I'm coming home June 22-July 14th, so I won't be here in September...dang. Tell your friend to fly to Africa. Thanks for thinking of me though!! I could definitely take her engagements and/or bridals! That would be perfect timing actually! Let her know and she can email me.

    Love you! You guys are great! I want to see you in July!!

  3. I'm so glad you let me know!!! It will be so fun to see what you guys are up to. Can you believe its been a whole year since we both have been married basically?? Time sure is flying by now! Simply crazy! anyways, its great to hear from you!