Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Best Day Ever~

We were married June 11, 2008~ the best day ever! We were married in the Logan Temple, and the day was perfect! I've posted a lot of pictures, and I'm not going to write a lot, but it was the best day of my life! I am so so so happy to be married to the dearest and closest person to me, and best of all, my best friend! I am so happy to be spending eternity with you! I love you Brad!


Our goofy picture! It's actually kindof hilarious if you look closely!

Lots of our good friends came to support us! Thanks guys we love you! PS. I have some cute single friends!

I was so happy! Best day of my life!
For time and all eternity!

Here's a picture from the reception of me dancing with my dad. This is a really special picture to me.. it was a precious dance! I bawled through the whole thing! I love you Dad!

One of my best friends Bekah Allen made my cake and it also turned out perfect!

I had to throw in the picture of our yard.. just because we put so much work into our yard to get it ready for the wedding. We worked all summer long pulling weeds, planting flowers... the picture doesn't do it justice. I thought it turned out beautiful! Just how I imagined it!

I love this picture! Nice to whoever took it- it captures the moment perfectly! See ya later!


  1. ok - so i shouldn't admit this but i will because we're family and you have to love me. so, tonight my kids are watching a movie and i'm waiting for it to get over, and while i'm waiting i'm blog-stalking a bit and i come across this blog and see "brad and camille shultz" and i think, geez, that sounds so familiar! so i click on over and it's YOU! i think i wasn't used to the 'shultz' part of your name - but anyway, love the posts and you need to keep doing it because your daily mundane is totally fun for the rest of us! and even if we only keep up on blogs is way better than nothin'!

  2. So Camillie! What's going on with your life? You've been married a year and blogging for several months and you have no pics past your wedding. Time to update!

    Miss YOu!