Monday, May 25, 2009

Dating Years!

Here's a date we went on and took all my siblings: Jacob, Michaella, Elise, and Hannah! They all love Brad!
What an eventful day! I love my sisters!

So here's a funny story: I was driving with my 3 sisters- Michaella, Elise, and Hannah- to our cousin's wedding. Back then I drove an old what I called "grandma" car, and everything was going just fine, until we started going up Trapper's loop. The car started making a terrible noise and having a hard time going up the hill! I don't know how many times I made circles in the road turning around trying to decide whether or not to try and make it or just go back home. I decided to try and make it. WRONG CHOICE! We made it to the mouth of Weber Canyon and were just about to get on the highway when it died. Just plain 'ol died. And to make things even lovelier, a dead deer lay in the road right in front of our car (making it look like we had hit it!) So luckily I had a cell phone, called Brad, and he was so nice enough to come and rescue us! Here's some funny pictures we took while we were waiting!

My family does an annual charity garage sale and Brad and I decided to dress up! That' all that happened.
Here's Brad with the 2 moose in our path up ahead! They would not move! They just stood there sticking their butts in our face (laughing). We eventually hiked up in the bushes around them!

Here's 2 of them!
Hiking Ben Lomond! We saw soooo many moose! It was kinda scary! They were always big bull moose and always in twos standing right in our path!

Brad and I would go running for some of our dates! Crazy, we know! And one time it poured and poured.. and pouring makes mud.. mud gives Camille ideas.. and Camille's ideas can be pretty funny! Yes I started a mud fight! We painted our faces like indians and gave each other indian names (which we still use on each other). Brad's name is: BUGWUG, and mine is: INCACAMILA so if you ever hear these names in future posts, you'll know why.. we're not just being dumb:)

Brad went to London for a month just after we had started dating. (hardest month of my life) His co-workers gave him some funny gifts to help him out while he was there. He put it all together and modeled it for me! I had to snap a picture!

Brad took me skydiving for my birthday! (this is how he won my heart!) Can I just say this is one of the funnest things I have ever done, and if anyone has even had the thought cross through your head, DO IT! It's worth every penny, butterflies in your stomach, scream, and pee in your pants!

Here is the start of our dating years! Warning: some pictures may be quite scary! All I can say is we have a lot of fun, and I am so lucky to have found someone who enjoys making goofy faces as I do!

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  1. looks great, camilla! i love the pictures. your stories read from end to beginning, so it's a good thing i know the end result already!