Sunday, November 1, 2009

A little overdue

So obviously I have been slacking on our blog.. here's a little catch up!

Labor Day weekend we went camping up in the Uintahs with some friends!
It was FREEZING!!! but soo beautiful!

Here's some sexy shots of my hubby:
I snapped this one morning when his hair was just so irresistable! I couldn't stop laughing!

..and here he is wearing my hoodie becuase his got wet! Funny funny! My skinny little husband! I love you!
Here's Brad's first fish...
ain't he a looker?...(Brad too!)
MY FiRsT FisH!! I've never been real fishing before.. The first few days I wasn't so convinced- we fished for a few hours both days and caught nothing! The last day we decided to try a different lake and caught tons! I liked fishing a lot better after that! guess you just have to know where the fish like to live! I was so excited!
Hanging out with our friends the Barkers!

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