Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Birthday, Birthday, Birthday!!!

October is the month of Birthdays in the Hillstrom house! All 3 of my sisters were born in October, and when Brad joined the family.. he naturally fell in the group on the same day as Elise! Happy Birthday you four! Love you all!
(12th) FOURTEEN!
Musical talent flows from your fingers!
Individual in who you are.
Camille-wanna-be! :)
Happy and hilarious!
Adolecent, whiney, ornery, growing, Teenager!
Example of the best to everyone around you.
Loves to smash everyone in sports
Loud, but also Lovable!!
Always love you!

(20th) NINE!
Harry Potter die-hard fan!
Adorable in how innocent and cute you are!
Never gets to do the picking.. always takes it.
Nicest girl ever, never mean to anyone
A good sport in everything
Hard not to love!

(28th) ELEVEN!
Everyone enjoys being around you
Loves to play games of any kind
I love your wierdness! You're one of a kind
Singing in the shower or on the toilet is your specialty!!
Easy to love!

(28th) GOLDEN!
Best example and best friend!
Righteous and honorable in everything
Always treats me like a queen
Doesn't eat as much as I do!
Friendly to everyone, and fun to be around
Over and beyond in school, work, & home.
Ready and prepared for everything.
Dang don darn don gosh LOVE YOU FOREVER!:)

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