Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'll be so glad

when we finally get to move to our new house! as much as our neighbors seem to be nice people.. i just don't enjoy hearing them coughing, sneezing (although one of our neighbors sounds like a dog when he sneezes-it's pretty funny), yelling, music, bathing, going to the bathroom!
the other night i got home late, and was brushing my teeth. all of the sudden i hear frantic running upstairs, and the lovely sound of vomit! luckily i have a strong stomach, but when brushing your teeth... gross! i felt bad enough for the guy for the one incident, but this happend 5 times within 5 minutes! someone must have been sick!!! then i worried that whatever he had would travel down the vents so i hurried and went to bed! i'll be so glad when the walls, floor, and cieling belong to just us!


  1. I can totally relate! The only time I ever hear our neighbors is during the middle of the night when they are snoring or couching; it's ridiculous! But, I am jealous and so excited that you get a cool new house! YAY!